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Monday, February 27, 2023

On the subject of drawers.

While we were out having a splendidly long lunch today, and not thinking at all about what needed doing, nothing happened.

I know I seem to be fixated on those drawers, the ones that looked as though they'd been chewed on by a rat.  The ones that still had bits of plastic protection on them in places because at that point we were simply screwing things together and packing, not particularly in that order, and they certainly weren't in need of protection.

It's fair to say that the workmanship on those, while fundamentally sound is not something of which I can be proud, but there's nothing a bit of sanding, a few plastic bits and some vinyl wrap won't fix.

It was the frig that started it all, with its curvy edges and all its blackness.  The plan was always to add the dark wrap to the drawer fronts and some trim to at least show a bit of sympathy,  and although no one seems to have noticed that we've been testing it on the galley cupboard since we launched.  To cover up the nastiness of the industrial hinges we've planned something that looks as though we tried at least and with a few other bits it might all come together in the end.

A smarter person than I, might have edge stripped all the panels before assembly, therefore saving himself yesterday, but at least that bit looks as though someone cares now (not unkempt as in the photo!).

Tomorrow will be another day, and rested as we are, we'll fire up the printer and get them done, or maybe we can start tidying the shed and put it off until closer to our deadline.


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