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Saturday, February 18, 2023

A must to avoid.


I'm sure you've heard it all before, doing something right the first time around means you can avoid all the extra work that repairing it and making it right will entail.

I know there were excuses (reasons really) at the time for not peeling off the protective film on the cupboards or getting the cupboard sealing strips tidy, but they've been a thorn in my side or a stone in my sock or whatever and the time has come to sort them.   

As I recall, the only mitigating factor for what was really the only part of the job I have been genuinely ashamed of, is that when the time came to add the strips, I was straddling cupboards which were being packed by torchlight at almost midnight on the day before we were due to leave, and we still hadn't bolted in the bed.    Naturally the rubber-like strips I'd selected was the least forgiving product on the planet, so every little divergence from a straight line, and there were many, was there to stay.

Now, it's difficult to even sand the stuff off, but sand we will, and a few years of use have made that thin layer of clear film a real treat to deal with too, but with the few other little detail jobs on the cupboards almost complete we're hopeful the carcasses will be back in the van by the end of the weekend.

These are poky little repair jobs really, but the completion of each is quite each is satisfying in it's own way.


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