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Friday, August 27, 2010


How wrong I was yesterday!

It was raining a little when we woke, but as we began to stir, strangely, so did the urge to move on an it continued to stir until it became a compulsion. There were a few things to do of course, the least of them to find the outside of the boat under the pile of willow leaves dumped during last night's storms lest we should be mistaken something discarded on a kerb-side cleanup during the course of the day.

And of course there was coffee to be drunk and conversations to be had, some in languages not understood, and some that were, and assurances that we'll be back and things that we assumed were assurances that we'd be welcome to come again, but may have meant "over my dead body" for all we knew.

Eventually we had to just go though, the lock closes at midday for lunch and we made it with half an hour to spare, down to the river level and past the floating fountains where each night during summer the fireworks and the coloured fountains and the laser lights perform at ten. Cities in France seem to compete to create the biggest free spectacle each summer, this year lasers are in, and well if you can throw in some fireworks and a fountain or two, why wouldn't you?

After all of that, our farewell light show last night and the late-ish start, we spent a pleasant couple of hours moseying beside the Rhine and the Euro Parliament, travelling the ten kilometres or so to Souffelweyersheim, where we feel obliged to stay until we can pronounce it's name without taking a breath.

There will be no fireworks here tonight, although as the sky continues to glow dark grey, we are sitting in one giant inverted fountain so the street lights should look quite appealing and the lightning is reasonably spectacular.

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