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Monday, August 09, 2010

Sorry Jules

As we began to wend our merry way from Nancy back to Lagarde, the canal was lined with blackberries not yet quite ripe for the picking, or we would have stopped and had us some. These bushes gave a few smiles as we trundled on immediately bringing to mind our berry hunts of last year, which happily coincided with a visit from Shelley and Jules, and it's fair to say that we are in a mild state of excitement pending their arrival after four more sleeps.

As the picture of the anonymous berry tasting sneak was taken exactly a year ago yesterday, we have cleverly decided that the berry season is a little later this year, but fortuitously will once again coincide with their visit, which of course will mean that blackberry jam, blackberry pie, blackberry muesli, blackberry just about everything will be on the menu for the next month, all made from whatever amount of blackberry is not consumed while hiding in the bushes.

Tomorrow we should be back in Lagarde for a few days of getting odd jobs done before we head off again. It's been funny really, it feels as though we have been "away" and are now heading home. This is quite weird, since we are continuously in that state of being, and we still keep having to remind ourselves that unlike the others boring past us in a grand procession, our charter won't be ending on Tuesday. We have to commit a few days stationary just to work or we'll just keep on cruising, I'm not sure if that feeling will pass or if it's something we are just going to have to come to terms with.

I did manage to put a barrel bolt on the freezer door today, the purpose of which was not to lock out berry thieves, just to keep it shut so the frig doesn't frost up and the batteries don't struggle quite so hard, so it can be done, this work on the run thing.

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