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Monday, August 02, 2010

Itchy feet

We've been in Toul for four days, and if the turnover of boats in the harbour is anything to go by, that's about two or three longer than the average stay.   We've definitely had a bigger, fancier bunch of neighbours here than we've seen to date, most of them in size and finish make us look like the veritable tramp ship that we are.  

Some of them are probably only here because they'd look mildly impoverished in Monaco, mostly they are here because they are Dutch or German families spending three weeks on the water before belting home at six kilometres an hour (or twelve on the rivers) and getting back to work.   Sometimes there's an interesting correlation between the size of the boat and it's crew which is a little puzzling, as there are no signs of little chaps to run around and fetch the groceries, although some do come equipped with cars and hydraulic platforms to   facilitate loading and unloading.  Perhaps they just stock up for a month before they leave, and programme their satellite TV's to receive all the great programmes from home.

Even as I type, whatever it is inside that says "let's go!" has said it, and tomorrow we'll be off, towards Nancy we think, the other way,  to complete a circumnavigation of sorts.  Or perhaps we'll drop in on Flavigny or will we pop up to Metz?

Once again we need to make a decision and I'm not sure that we are up to that at the moment.   Well not for something that's way off in the future.

Like tomorrow morning.

At least we'll be leaving the catfish wanting more.


Annie said...

great shot...or is it one of your wonderful paintings?

bitingmidge said...

No Annie, this is a photo from the back of the boat in the harbour in Toul. The water is extraordinarily clear.

Annie said...



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