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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Cafe du Canal

Once again as we have done on this one day each week since we have been here we are reliving our youths, we are back in a time when things closed on Sundays, and families had outings and the world stopped, and as are they, we are enjoying it immensely.

Our own particular outing meant wandering by boat for an hour or three with the roof back during sunny patches and closed in the squalls. To our horror, we've become one of them, chasing patches of sun instead of avoiding them. If warm beer ever appeared on our list of offerings perhaps it would be time to say something.

The Cafe du Canal is near Hochfelden, the home of the Meteor Brewery which is apparently the last in a long line of breweries established some time around 870AD, and produces around 320 hectolitres of beer per day. One day I may actually do the sums, but I suspect that if volume of beer has been produced for all of its 1,200 years of brewing the waste matter post consumption from this one institution alone may well be the reason for rising sea levels.

We've risen a few levels ourselves today, 16 metres in total although it may be more, because while contemplating the volume of second hand beer flowing to the ocean it occurred to me that in order for water to flow in any given direction it by definition must have a fall. I wonder therefore if the canals between the locks are actually sloping downstream, I suspect they are, and then I wonder how much. You see, when everything's closed on a Sunday there's time for wonder.

If I was a drinking sort of a boy, I'm sure it would be beer and banana cake for tea, fresh out of the oven (the banana cake at least) but since I'm not then it will just have to be coffee. Perhaps if even if I was a drinking sort of boy it would be coffee come to think of it, Meteor seems to be doing OK without me as it is.

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Annie said...

ah, it is nice to know there is still somewhere in the world that still slows down on Sundays!

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