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Thursday, August 26, 2010

On moving on..

Tomorrow it will rain apparently, and I don't think we want to leave yet.

There's a lot of this place to see, more than three or four hours a day on foot can consume, and we haven't yet needed to venture on our bikes or even onto the trams It's got the lot really; old stuff, new stuff thousands of years of history, zillions of tourists, and nice gentlemen from northern Africa who introduce themselves in perfect whatever language you speak and shake your hand and try give you wallets and watches as a token of their long lasting friendship. Sadly friendship lasts only until the polite but very firm refusal of the "gift" but they seem to have no shortage of other friends so there's no need to fret for long.

We specially don't want to leave in the rain but I suppose we must choof away and get on with whatever it is we are meant not to be doing after all we have to catch the train to Paris in a fortnight and we have almost a hundred kilometres to travel before then. Given that our average daily distance for this month is something less than ten kilometres, we'd better get a wiggle on!

Part of our reluctance to leave Strasbourg I think stems from the reality that amazingly we are at the half way point on our journey this year, time wise at least, and when we depart we are "heading for home" in a sense, but more than that we begin travelling at a faster pace once again, and worse still, to a schedule.

Oh well, until then….


Joan Elizabeth said...

Half way already!!!!!

Annie said...

oooh..that looks very nice! No wonder you are reluctant to leave!

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