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Saturday, August 14, 2010


I am starting to think if I have a nemeisis, it's the big lock at Rechicourt, the tallest on the canal network, the one with the nasty mouth that wait to swallow boats whole with its guard tower on top.

The first time it allowed us through it's evil clutches without so much as a murmur but it had its way with us on the way back, fizzling the electrical system and preventing the boat from starting, which attentive readers may recall led to a rescue by Jacques and Michel riding white horses, (cleverly disguised as Citroen vans), and a temporary fix which should see us through the season, ready for a proper job over winter. With fingers crossed we hoped the batteries would get us through as well.

A few litres of water have passed under our hull since then, and this morning we confidently did the rounds of the harbour, bidding everyone our fondest farewells, promising not to return for a month at least, and promising Jacques that we would not to call again from Rechicourt.

It was almost lunchtime before all the wells had been fared, and everything was shipshape, ready for the starter batter to fail entirely in it's feeble effort to turn over the engine. I was fairly sure we hadn't done anything to prompt this display of obstinance on its part, so with fingers crossed and a bit of a boost from the charger, proceeded to coax everything into life, telling myself all would be well with a few hours of running under our belt. Where there is life, there is hope, and fifteen kilometres or so to Rechicourt were filled with both, albeit with a temperature gauge hovering perilously beyond the normal zone.

After the hour we had to wait for the big lift, there was neither life, nor hope for the starter battery, so a quick crossing of wires and a bit of jumper cable later we turned around and headed back to the comfort of Lagarde. Tonight, rain is forecast. LOTS of rain, and tomorrow there is a fete in the harbour and our new battery to install and we'll probably try again after lunch. "Probably" is a reminder that even with guests aboard, it doesn't pay to have any sort of agenda when cruising, and after all we have another round of goodbyes to contend with in the morning.

Once we conquer Rechicourt, the world will be our oyster.


cara said...

I've never seen anything like it. All this time I was thinking you were talking about locks like the little gates you push with your bum in England.... this is HUGE!

bitingmidge said...

Ahh Cara, alas our diminutive bums cannot prevail against the evil locks! But we persist bravely with what little aid technology offers.

Oh life is hard! ;-)

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