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Thursday, August 09, 2012

Corre to Ecluse 38 (Ambievillers)

They must be afraid of the dark or something.

That's what we figured, because they sure weren't all that keen on us going back to our own boat and leaving them sitting there last night, but to be fair we weren't in all that much of a hurry to go either.

When we eventually stirred in the morning, ready for an early getaway, the shared coffee and resumption of last evening's conversation put paid to that plan.  The need for one of us and one of them to take the electric bikes for another ride, this time as far as the supermarket delayed things further, as did the need by all of us to eat pretty much everything they'd brought back from the supermarket, while sitting amiably in the shady clutches of a large tree.

Eventually we ran out of excuses, and very nearly stayed another night, but even if we weren't anxious to rendezvous with Dave and Ria next week, they have our bikes in their car…..

So hugged and kissed each other again, took a few last photos presumably in case in the few months until we meet again we forget what each other looks like, and parted with smiley glows that would surely last a week.

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