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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Two Scoops

When we woke this morning, we were in Epinal which is quite fortuitous under the circumstances, as that is exactly where we were when we went to sleep, albeit after spending a rather long night with Clara and Remco who during the course of it seemed recover completely from their earlier angst, none of us able to work out how we actually managed to arrive when we did.

We should have been stuck in no-man's land two thirds of the way down the hill, but we weren't, we were lying in a nice port watching the colours dance around the water, wondering why we can never devise a plan that is capable of remaining intact for more than two days.

We like it here.

Perhaps we can find a battery.  Even better, perhaps we can find someone helpful in a bank who will assist us to pay for the bikes before their imminent arrival.

Perhaps we can stay for a while, but it's Sunday and there's no point working on a new plan today.

Perhaps we will look at that tomorrow.

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