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Wednesday, August 08, 2012

In fine company

Grahame and Aileen arrived today right on cue, all suntanned and smiles.  They had cleverly replaced their battery a few months ago, when they were near a thing called a battery shop.

We suggested there wasn't anything to see here and they should perhaps move right along, although there is a supermarket on the very outskirts of the town, just one very long kilometre away if the signs are to be believed.

The term "outskirts" in this sense seems to mean between the cow paddock and the grain fields, on the way to somewhere else, and no, the supermarket doesn't stock batteries for boats, and all agree that truly it's terrible the way the mobile phone companies don't even know we exist in this village or anywhere else in the vicinity because if they did you'd be able to phone someone or ask Monsieur Google for help.

To find an internet or mobile phone connection is very far away, apparently too very far to walk.   If the person who told us that had used the "B" word I may not have been able to restrain myself, because we have very good friends who we have not yet been able to reimburse for the purchase.

If we don't find a sufficient internet connection to allow us to pay for them soon, the bikes might end up going back to the shop as well!

The new arrivals on the other hand, had no such problem, with two shiny new electric bicycles proudly hanging from the rack on the back of their boat.   Goodness if we'd had time, we could have whirred our way to the next country on one of those, but even then there were doubts from all who knew the area that we'd ever find an internet connection again.

I should have just pinched the batteries when they weren't looking and installed them under our bunk.

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