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Friday, August 03, 2012

Gray to Savoyeux

Not sure of what to expect of the town or whether we could overcome our first impression, we set out to walk its streets.

Any town, which is prepared in celebration of summer, to decorate the main traffic roundabout in its centre is alright by us.  When that place creates a sandy beach  with umbrellas, change huts and circling corporate sharks, it leaps to the top of the list of places we need to spend more time in.

When the tourist office is staffed by people desperate to have one attend every function in the town for the next decade, and even stations an honour guard at the lock to ensure that one has had a good time and to invite one back for longer next time, then really one has to consider one day moving in for good!

But we have a steely resolve in the face of such temptation, so noted in our book "needs more time", apologised to anyone within earshot and quietly slipped away once more onto the green of the river.

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