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Thursday, August 02, 2012

Green and Gray
Auxonne to Gray

Determined still to press on for a few days, to get the "highway" part of the journey behind us, we travelled all day through a tunnel of forest still in its heavy green summer clothes.

Except for the sliver of sky that followed the course of the river, there was no background but the cliffs of green which lined the river, dense forest of the kind described as impenetrable, impossible to photograph in a way that would do justice to the experience, the sort that when sorting through the photos, one would have been obliged to remark something along the lines of:

"But it was better than this, you had to be there".

After a long day of nought but green, green water reflecting the green canopy, green lights at every lock, arriving in Gray was a bit of a shock.   It was so… grey really, appearing devoid of colour of any kind at first glance.   It was almost as though it was a mirage, or like the dot one sees after a flashbulb goes off in one's eyes - a sort of illusion.

We felt quite disconcerted by this.   Was it, we wondered, the city itself, or was it ourselves reacting to the contrast between this truly urban environment and the places from which we had just emerged?

Tomorrow we will set out to find out.

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