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Wednesday, September 05, 2018

Everything Works In Belgium.
Tuesday 4th September - Oudenburg to Nieuwport (the long way)

We are constantly being told that we’ll really like Belgium, that it’s not at all like France because EVERYTHING WORKS.  If we thought three hours yesterday waiting to go through bridges that did work was a long time, then imagine our wonder today when we arrived at the first bridge to find it didn’t,  nor did the second for that matter.

The nice man at the control centre confirmed that he would open the first at our appointed time and that he would let us through all the bridges on our route today.   Twenty minutes later when I called again, another nice man said that he was sure that the nice man who presses the bridge buttons would do it as soon as he “returned”.

Forty-five minutes after the appointed time, not wishing to appear anxious, I again enquired, to be told in a very friendly tone that there was a problem with a lock (several kilometres away) and if I thought this was bad, I should have been here the day before yesterday.

Eventually we were allowed to pass, and after a further fifteen minutes, arrived at the second bridge to find it out of order.  The nice man on the telephone told me that a man in yellow van would be there very soon.  We weren't sure exactly what the man in the yellow van was supposed to do, and as far as we can tell, neither was he, so after arriving very promptly indeed it appears that he immediately took long service leave.   

We cannot be sure if we will ever move again, but it does take our mind off the weather.

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Vallypee said...

Just repeat what I said in my previous comment. It goes for this one too :)

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