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Friday, September 21, 2018

Thursday 20th September - Ypres

We’d planned to depart this morning, but a judicious check of the weather forecast told us that the calm of the heavily sheltered port this morning may be a little deceptive.   By mid afternoon the winds were expected to increasing to more than fifty kilometres an hour, building to one hundred over the next few days, considerably more than we’d consider to be comfortable in a narrow canal with sharp objects at its edges, and actually in the range where the word "dangerous" comes to mind.

We could have pressed on, leaving early in the hope of arriving before the edge of the weather system arrived, or we could have taken off on an outing on our bikes (if we could get our heads around a fifty kilometre per hour headwind), but really, after a few days of relentless touristing the thought of simply lying around reading or sifting through photographs and not bothering to leave the boat seemed like a terribly pleasant alternative.

So we sat all day like a vintage car cooling off in the town square, creaking a bit, taking it easy after a long journey.



MoHoMoments said...

We have a similar plan in Bergues.

bitingmidge said...

@MoHoMoments - We couldn't figure if we were tired because of the emotional tug of war, or because you blokes kept us up so late! :D

Mayhem2 said...

... but it's all about the maintenance, and this one looks Ok. ; )

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