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Thursday, September 06, 2018

Wednesday 4th September - Nieuwport to Diksmuide

The summer holiday finished last week, and it seems that the sun itself is now having a bit of a break, perhaps exhausted from its big effort, and is now sleeping late and generally not bothering to do much at all.  Technically it has a few more weeks of work to do before summer is officially over so perhaps its just catching forty winks before resuming its normal state of affairs for a bit.

That’s exactly what we are doing.  In a sense we have completed our journey, having arrived gently in Diksmuide without fuss or fanfare, on a day that was neither hot nor cold, not fine, but not raining, perfect for snuggling in to the place as we begin to make it our new wintering nest.

Now that we’re here, we’re not setting out madly to explore the district we’ve decided.  We’re going to absorb it.  When the time comes to leave a month from now we’ll be wearing it like an old sweater, which may turn out to be quite a comfort if the sun doesn’t get its act together shortly.


Ian said...

Congratulations at arriving in Flanders Fields and, as you say, absorbing the region is something that can develop over time. You’ll get plenty of advice on what to see and, I daresay, you’re able to find your own curios. However, as habitués over the last three seasons, I offer the following.

Given you’ve arrived just as the centenary of the Great War is expiring, it might be worth grabbing some of the special displays before they close down. In particular, with your proclivities for art and the camera, the ‘ComingWorldRememberMe’ (CWxRM)installation at Zillebeke is one not to miss because it will be dismantled as part of the Remembrance Day celebrations. I suspect the very good ‘Vrij Vaderland’ exhibition at Veurne will perhaps also not make it into next year. Similarly, popping into Ieper might capture some exhibits that will close. Veurne and Ieper are both accessible by train from Diksmuide.

We have had the frustrating experience of it taking us the full three seasons to eat at ’t Potje Paté in Alveringham and to purchase some of the world’s best beer from Sint Sixtus Abbey. You may wish to make an early start! If you are successful and enjoy either - then you will be set for return visits. Also, make sure that sometime you have lunch and visit the ANZAC Rest (De Dreve) Cafe in Zonnebeke.

All the details for these are readily available from an excursion into your favourite Google tool.

Sorry we missed you, perhaps we might catch up in Aussie sometime as it looks like our waterway journeys are utterly and irrevocably diverging.

Vallypee said...

I must confess those grey skies don't do anything for me either, but oddly we weren't far from Bruges yesterday and the weather was beautiful. We went to the Monumentendag open day for the Tordino, the museum about barges and inland waterways that's on a barge (the Tordino) next to the 'keersluis' or safety door on the Gent/Bruges canal near Beernem. It was fascinating. A Belgian friend of ours started it and has done a fantastic job.

bitingmidge said...

Val, we are going to have to get used to them! We will keep our eye out for the Tordino on our next passage.

@Ian - thanks very much for the detailed run-down. I've misplaced your email address but found you on Facebook I think and have messaged you there!

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