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Saturday, September 29, 2018

The Twilight of Another Cruising Year.
Wednesday 26th September - Stavele to Veurne

This morning’s wait for the first bridge of the day was only an hour (three less than yesterday), and when the very cheery chap arrived he filled in the additional half hour he’d asked us to wait until another boat arrived by debriefing us on yesterday’s adventure and making notes of things that perhaps his colleagues could attend to over winter.  

After following us through two bridges a lock and two more bridges, he handed us over to an even cheerier fellow on a bicycle, who became our guide and dare we say confidante, piloting us safely right into the port of Vuerne where we sat, less than a day from “home”, slapping mosquitos in the twilight chill, trying to work our where our year has gone, and how to stretch it just a little more.  

There was a time when mosquitos kept a safe distance from Mr Perkins’ foul expiration and we do miss that smokey signature just a little at times like these.  He has done a sterling job once again it must be said, gooey ooze from his nostrils not withstanding. Sometimes he is a bit tentative in the early morning now that it’s a bit cooler, but having attained a certain age, who isn’t?  


Mayhem2 said...

Yup, she'll be right mate. : )

Don said...

I think this was the first year we could have spent longer on the boat. Not long enough to experience darkness at 3 pm but maybe into October. Who know, maybe next year...

Vallypee said...

Oh yes, I look forward to the days when we can keep going into October. But I'll need to convince the tax office that I don't need to keep paying them for my keep first. The time will fly, though and you'll be back before you know it.

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