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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Why can’t we stay in bed all day?
Sunday 23rd September - Ypres

As if from nowhere the temperature plummeted and we found ourselves once again having to reinstigate our “rule of ten” the one says we don’t get out of bed until either the temperature or the time has a “ten” in it.

The sudden shock to our systems of a day of barely double digit temperatures may have been taken a little easier if it hadn’t been accompanied by the first serious rain that we can remember.  This was rain of the bucketing down kind which turns to the lashing sort as the wind squalls whip through, and whip they did.  All day.  We began to wonder if someone, somewhere was pairing off animals just in case, then late in the evening it stopped as suddenly as if someone had found the “off” button.

“Red sky at night” we remembered was supposed to be a good sign for the next day, so when the calm came, if we looked at something green for a minute then squinted at the clouds, they took on an ever so slightly pinkish tone, and we were happy to call that “sunset”.



Mayhem2 said...

A Dutch saying goes, "avond rood, water in the sloot" l hope for you that it stays dry. : )

Vallypee said...

We are about to plagiarise you rule of 10. A perfect rule for the ideal number.

bitingmidge said...

@Mayhem2 - we can't complain, we've barely had a drop all year, so it's time for us to face it bravely.

@Vallypee - it's a very civilised code!

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