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Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Saturday 7th September - Lelystad

The evolution of the English language is a terrifying albeit wondrous thing.  It’s terrifying when change occurs through laziness, when grammar and spelling evolve needlessly in a way that detracts from the joy of expression in that language, yet wondrous when words evolve through that same misuse, to succinctly define the previously less well defined.

One example that comes to mind, is the preposterous use of “tragic” as a noun,.  This it appears is a peculiarly Australian habit, which from at least a colonialist’s perspective is entirely more acceptable than allowing Americanisms to sneak up on us.   The  Macmillan Dictionary describes it thus:

TRAGIC - NOUN [COUNTABLE] AUSTRALIAN INFORMAL HUMOROUS - Someone whose interest in a particular sport or activity is so strong that other people find it strange or silly.

“Boat Tragics” - When four people who live on boats fold themselves into a Mini for four hours so they can stay overnight on a houseboat in a harbour in another country, in order to get an early start to visit an on-water boat show the next day.  

Better get a picture of this Ria, “ How did you fit the drone in?”


Mayhem2 said...

^__^ ... excellent start for the day! Thank you!

Vallypee said...

Now I've learnt something really new! That's even worse than....hmmm....actually, I can't think of anything worse...hahaha. Have fun in Lelystad!

Don said...

Best. Post Ever.
Laugh out loud.


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