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Thursday, September 13, 2012

A day in Berne

No matter how much we wanted to convince ourselves otherwise, there was absolutely no point in attempting to visit the mountain tops today.  The cloud and mist would have provided a view akin to staying in bed with the sheets over our head.

Fortunately for us, Erika had kindly taken matters in hand by planning a few distractions as soon as she became aware of the forecast.   We would, she wisely decided, escort Graham and Jill on the train to Berne and ensure they caught their connection. She would then deftly guide us over Berne's high spots, we'd have a bite to eat along the way and return to Thun in time to drive to the Abegg-Stifftung Textile Museum, where Isabelle had kindly offered to host our own private guided tour.

It was settled then.

This being Switzerland, things went exactly to plan, and we had ample stops for refreshments between to boot, and Berne was as wonderful as we remembered and the Museum (and our guide) simply sublime.   For reasons that we could not understand, perhaps it was the weather, maybe the concentration or the altitude (after all we are sea level dwellers!), or just that we had been burning the candle at both ends for some time, by the day's end we were starting to flag.

Erika however is clearly made of sterner stuff, for almost as soon as we had arrived home she and Christian departed for their evening engagement, while we tired little teddy bears took ourselves off to bed at a time when most four years olds would have been happy to have been still wandering around the living room.

Tomorrow we would be totally refreshed, leave first thing, be back at the boat by noon, ready to work all afternoon. 


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