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Tuesday, September 04, 2012

The end is nigh
Nancy to Parroy

The last week or two has been rather like being in a joke about dementia, where we get to make the same new friends every few days complete with "hello again" party and a "farewell" in the evening.

It looks as though the scene is set for another in our continuous round of farewells as Ron and Robin arrived again yesterday to await the arrival of some visitors, and will follow us up the canal in a few days.  They plan to travel past us, to reunite once again a week or two later, creating opportunities for two further bouts of celebration and still another two farewells.  Their boat is of the variety know as a "double ender", it has a canoe stern, which means from some angles it can be difficult to tell whether it is coming or going and lately it's been coming and going so often it probably doesn't matter anyway.

This morning it was time for our Tuesday farewell before we set out to waters beyond the salt factories and grain loaders at Dombasle into the countryside once more. We actually quite enjoy meandering past and under the factories, watching the dust and steam escaping from joints in the pipes, and the grain falling into ships loading below the conveyors, but many we have met seem to think that the industry is somehow unattractive.

I thought I'd pop this picture in to demonstrate just how wrong they are.

Perhaps we like it because it ends so abruptly, forming a gateway to the Lorraine countryside, a gateway to home.  Once we have them in our aft windows, we have less than a day of travel before our season ends, but we always get the hankering to linger just a little longer, so once again what could have been a day became two and we moored in Parroy, just a few kilometres from home for one last night alone in the countryside.


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