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Friday, September 07, 2012

Plans for a holiday

Even though we'd worked well into the night last evening moving things from our "to do before we go home" list to our "well perhaps it can wait till next year" list, and in this manner we'd removed four days from our work calendar to offset our procrastination holiday, simple mathematics had us now facing nine days work in the seven remaining.

A start simply had to be made, so while the morning mist was still trying to decide what it was going to do with the rest of the day, one of us braved the chill and began scrubbing the decks while the other quite sensibly under the circumstances was tucked soundly in the warmth enjoying her morning cup of tea, no doubt planning a super human effort for the rest of the day.

Fortunately for me respite came almost immediately in the form of Jacques requesting assistance in picking up one of the company 2CV's from the workshop in the next town.  I returned to the boat as soon as I was able of course, just before lunch as a matter of fact, to find substantial progress had been made on the list marked "hers", and before there was time to say "whoops, I'll do better this afternoon" it was time to head off in the other direction to pick up the hire car.

The hire car company, bless them, had presented us with an upgrade.  It was apparently one of Japan's finest, but to say first impressions were disappointing would be the most polite way of summarising my feelings on the drive home.   Sixty five years separated the two cars I'd driven today, one of them was a delight as we cruised along the winding country roads.  It had a sunroof, low profile tyres, supple suspension, predictable roadholding and ergonomically placed gear shift, the other was a brand new Mazda.

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