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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Up and away
London to Singapore

Well that's that then.

It seems too soon to be on our way, we know we have been here a while but the usual signs of autumn have not yet appeared and we feel a bit short changed by the lack of colour other than green in the vegetation.  There should be flurries of golden leaves on the streets, and trees tinged with red which can be photographed against clear blue skies, but there aren't.

If we were birds we would probably not yet be flying south.  Perhaps we'd be caught here for winter as a result of the late change in season.

But we aren't and we are flying tonight although we did spend much of the day plotting and planning a return in winter, as though the delay in the start of the season has actually affected us as well.   Perhaps we will think differently tomorrow when we have straightened ourselves after the flight.

I wonder.


Abbie D said...

Well if it's any consolation; our jacaranda tree is a little confused and is only now losing all it's leaves so you haven't missed the explosion of purple that's coming.

Citroen Steve said...

Looking forward to seeing you soon. Trust you recover well enough and soon enough to begin planning for next season asap.

Joan Elizabeth said...

I shall miss my 'daily' tour of France. Hope we manage to catch up this southern summer.

Phil said...

Just testing

Virginia said...

Lovely photograph through the rain dappled window. Safe travels.

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