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Saturday, September 01, 2012

Painting the town red

Autumn arrived without fanfare, as did Susan and Steven.

They were to be our last visitors for the year, another of those signs that our summer is coming to an end.

As we waited in the familiarity of the station the reality of how close our return journey is struck home.   The station in Nancy is in many ways our gateway between Paris and the boat.  It is here that we wait for our change of train on the first or last leg of our travels, either filled with the excitement of a new journey or weary with jetlag and willing the past twenty four hours to disappear from our memories in the shortest possible time.  We have a corner in the coffee shop we call our own, our own club lounge if you will where we while away the hour or minutes with one "last" snack.

For all of that familiarity though, I can't say that we had ever particularly noticed that the platforms are painted red.

That of course gave us a head start on the rest of the town which was just as well really, as we only had a couple of days.

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