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Saturday, September 08, 2012

Winter covers

Like a Swiss watch,  Ron and Robin's return occurred bang on time yesterday, giving us an excuse to down tools for a well earned break, after noting that it had been at least ten minutes since the last one we had taken.

At the appointed hour last evening we wandered up to Lagarde's finest restaurant if it's only one, where we met as something of a committee to discuss what further items we might be able to strike from our list in order to get it all done in the ever reducing time available.   There was a suggestion that given a certain lack of progress in item's marked "him" that perhaps a reshuffling of responsibilities may be the only  way of actually getting anything done at all.   Apparently according to them, as indeed pretty much every teacher that ever had the privilege of providing me with an education was heard to say, my mind doesn't seem to be on the task in hand.

So while this morning they left us for the hundredth time this year, I went for a long drive in the countryside to think about all of that, and of course to purchase some new tarpaulins to make a start on  the boat's winter covers.

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