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Monday, September 10, 2012

Two goats

Morning mist is the first sign that the day will become one of those truly fabulous autumn days, with clear skies and temperatures in the twenties, perfect for lazing around and doing exactly nothing, or possibly just a bit of work in the sun; scrubbing and varnishing, that sort of thing.

It's getting a bit hard to find excuses not to knuckle down now though, but it's also hard to do anything other than just sit watching with a cup of coffee in hand while the mist is gently rises from the water each morning.

When it all boiled down, the morning promised a day that was too good to waste working for all of it, so we reshuffled the dreaded list just a little bit more, and spent the day getting a few things together and talking about what we had do when we got back from Switzerland.  We were, after all looking forward just a little to our respite, even more after receiving Erika's instructions on how to find their place.

"The house with the green shutters, beside the church and behind the meadow with two goats in it."

If we had ever had pre-conceived ideas of what constituted a house in Switzerland, I fairly sure a meadow with two goats would have been involved.

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