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Saturday, May 24, 2014

A patch of blue -
La Ferté-Saint-Aubin and the Castle Chambord

Thankfully the whinging about jet lag stops today.  We, having risen from a good deal of slumber overnight officially pronounced ourselves back to normal this morning.

Apparently making our apologies for not attending the concert last night turned out to be something of a masterstroke as well, with many of the audience members sleeping just as soundly as we were, but they were not in comfortable warm beds.  

We felt so normal on rising that we began to make plans to move on.  After one more day of complete idleness we thought, and another long sleep, we would be in perfect shape for road trip to Lagarde, our other “home” village conveniently located on the opposite side of the country.   In the process of forming that plan we had not been aware that this weekend is an officially festive one, loosely translated as “Eat with your neighbour weekend”, nor thatsome time ago our hosts had happily agreed that we should attend a dinner this evening with Annick and Jean-Jacques, our neighbours at our “official” address.    

From previous experience we can say that being invited to dinner is something akin to being invited to a wake-athon.  While looking forward to enjoying the company, with a little trepidation we could see our bank of sleep hours rapidly disappearing, so made plans for a long afternoon nap to steel ourselves for the evening event.

But Monique and her friend Pascal turned up, having decided that instead, we needed a tour of perhaps the second most famous castle in the history of France: Chambord,  “There is plenty of time to sleep tonight!”  

We "Chamorded" all day, then dined and listened perhaps less intently to what we could make of conversation as the night wore on and our concentration at first lapsed before failing completely and the fog of fatigue began to descend upon us once again in the wee small hours of the morn.  Of course we wouldn’t have it any other way, and at any rate that fog which was once grey has a growing  patch of blue appearing in its corner.

And it’s a very bright blue indeed!

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cara said...

Excellent to be reading your posts again. You're very funny as I'm sure you already know.

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