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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Ahh.. well we've started on the new bench tops.

Today was a public holiday in Germany and parts of France, so when we decided after taking careful measurements that there were one or two things we could use from the large Swedish furniture store in Metz to complete our galley update, prudence suggested that perhaps we should check the opening hours.

Dear prudence, once again was absolutely right.   It seems that every branch of that particular chain would be open today, except the only two that were within driving distance, although we would have needed to take a cut lunch to get to the second in any case.

Undeterred, one of us decided that he should just launch into the bench top project while the going was good. This of course meant adding somewhat to the almost sorted chaos, as the contents of the cupboards were emptied into the few remaining spaces, leaving the other powerless to do much at all but find somewhere under the junk and become small and quiet.

Meanwhile Bill, having begun the dismantling of our steering in good faith or perhaps blind optimism, had left an odd collection of greasy ball bearings and springs which keep attaching themselves to things at random and somewhat mysteriously  moving around the boat. Hopefully most will have been rediscovered by the time the gear arrives.

There is a picnic table in the shade of a near by tree which I use as my workshop each year, and I lay out my meagre collection of tools to mark my possession of it.  By mid afternoon the two metre long future bench tops had been removed from the car and we could sit beside each other once again when our next outing presented itself, but even better,  they were now in smaller pieces that vaguely resembled the shape of our galley.

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