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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Shangri La

The Shangri La is a Singapore landmark.   A hotel with more stars than a constellation and hot and cold running helpers, a glorious pool set in superb landscaping and it's probably the perfect place to spend a night or two relaxing during a stopover, and a day or two wallowing in its surrounds.

While we were enjoying our authentic Singapore experience, from a hotel room which had no need for a sign banning the swinging of cats, and a front entrance in which our taxi had to do a three point turn, walking far too far in the steamy humidity, bathing in sweat and eating meals from vendors for less than the price of a coffee at a large international franchise, Frank and Carol were wallowing.

We even paid them a visit to make sure they were OK, but they had difficulty talking through the big grins etched on their faces.

We were delighted to see them in those surrounds, and while we weren't envious of them, even taking into account my particular facial impairment we couldn't help but notice that their smiles were perhaps the teensiest bit wider than even ours, it was something to do with chocolates and rose petals on their bed we think.

We didn't want to spoil their moment, but our hotel has maids to clean up stuff like that.


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