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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Hanging up the Boots.

A lot of time has passed since we were sitting in Heathrow waiting for that flight to Canada.

We made it well enough, and had the time of our lives.  Such a rollicking good time that this blog may well have omitted to publish any information concerning those far from lost weeks in the wilds.  Since the sole purpose of this document is to record our comings and goings for our own benefit, this could be a glaring omission and it would appear from the number of messages I've received of late that others think so too.  It is true that our gratitude to Sunny and Al for those last two weeks on the road last year knows no bounds, but more of that later (backdated of course.) 

Thanks to the miracle of technology however, those with a passing interest may backtrack a page or two over coming days and discover a little of the past.

For now, I shall say that the intervening period has been something of a physical challenge, leaving scant time for anything but the renovation of the exterior of DickyWorld, the current home of the Biting Midge mixed of course with healthy doses of grandchildren and unhealthy doses of whatever bug it is they bring home from kindy at the time.

Those boots were brand spanking circus yellow when I bought them in November.  They have taken something of a beating since, along with the wheelbarrow and a few fingernails which failed the hammer and “jammed in the sawfence tests” respectively, but apart from that we are all present and accounted for and looking forward to picking our peripatetic habits at the point we left them.

Now it’s over. Now we are in the midst of birthday celebrations for half the family, and tomorrow before the darkness leaves us in the morning we will be once again on the road.

Welcome back!

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