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Tuesday, May 27, 2014


There seemed to be no escape.   If the cleaning wasn’t bad enough, trying to find a way to write about it that isn’t even more tortuous to read is producing even more pain.

Jacques, having realised that under what appeared to be a land reclamation project in his port, suggested I use his “little” pressure washer once I had finsihed with the excavator.  That helped, and after a very long morning and some of the afternoon the blue and white we have come to love began to re-emerge.

Inside, the task was of no less magnitude, and while a large dent has been made, it will take several days more of juggling things between tools and projects until we are ready to move on.   

Move on that is, once we have finished the reinstallation of the now gorgeous looking Mr Perkins.

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Anonymous said...

oops! looks as if relaxing is not an option.


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