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Friday, May 30, 2014

My Workshop

Since today was the last day that we would have the car, we wasted no time charging off into the morning to pickup the four wire baskets we needed for the galley.  

And since today was the last day that we would have the car, it stands to reason that when we arrived at the big blue shop, there would be only three wire baskets left in stock, “perhaps you could come back after tomorrow for another one?”

So we had two cups of free coffee, after all we are “family”, and left with three quarters of the items on our list ticked off, stopped off for a car full of groceries, and managed to get three more coats of oil on the bench tops which were complete and awaiting installation, for the time being balancing on top of any surface even approximately level enough to have them.

In the meantime, someone had purloined my table-workshop for the better part of the day and were using it as an office!   How dare they!

I shall have to get up earlier tomorrow.


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