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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Playing with Lego

Have we really been here three days?  If we had imposed a deadline on ourselves for moving on, we may even be at the early stages of becoming stressed by now, as the list of tasks that need to be completed seems to grow by the hour.

Most of them are jobs which could be put off if we lay down for a bit and waited for them to go away, but where would the fun be in just cruising off into the sunset?  There is the upgrade to our bed of course, a beautiful Lego-esque system of plastic springs, which after hours of fun assembling will miraculously turn our cheap mattress into a very expensive one, and perfectly good albeit slightly arthritic fingers into aching lumps.  At least now when I have need to curl up sucking my thumb it will be without my hip digging in to the ply wood base, and believe it or not I do occasionally still have that need.

Take for instance this very afternoon.  Having confirmed that the parts for our antique steering system were in stock at the suppliers, every last nut and bolt, we ordered them when we arrived last Monday and this morning dismantled the aged parts in anticipation of their imminent arrival.  This afternoon we received a message which advised that perhaps delivery would not be on Friday as discussed as the parts were no longer manufactured and they did not have any and perhaps it would be wise in future to enquire whether there is stock before we order.

It looks as though there may well be time to replace the galley bench tops before we leave after all.


1 comment

Annie said...

oops...that seems quite typical.

travelling certainly has its logistical moments.

I've been trying to unlock my phone and get a local sim card for a week now. We'll be gone home by the time it happens I think!

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