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Saturday, September 29, 2018

The Old Woman Who Swallowed a Fly.
Thursday 27th September - Veurne

We first noticed a bit of an oil slick around mid morning, about the same time that the fisherman phoned the waterways authority.  Although there didn’t appear to be a great quantity of pollutant, there was enough to cover the surface of the entire port and any spill is quite rightly treated very seriously indeed.

Therefore the waterways guy phoned his boss who phoned the police, both of whom arrived promptly in two teams.  They phoned the fire brigade who phoned the environment department,  representatives of which turned up as well, and phoned the rescue people and before we knew it the port was lined with firemen, environmentalists, oil recovery experts, crane drivers delivering fuel collecting sea booms and a cast of dozens all walking up and down and scratching their heads (and other parts of their anatomy when they thought no-one was looking). 

The harbour master told the environment guy who told the police who told the fire brigade that the spill didn’t look too serious, so the off-shore equipment returned to from whence it came and three men in a plastic boat took their place, merrily spraying detergent and splashing about to the delight of the hi-vis clad crowd. Perhaps there’ll be no mosquitos tonight. 


Vallypee said...

Hahaha, brilliant! It was you, wasn't it? Anti-mozzy measures. Clever!

Bjoern Larsen said...

You must take the invironment more seriously, tomorrow plastic may float around in the port. I had a plastic bottle stuck in my bowtruster for a month on the Canal entré Champagne and Burgondy, and that was a mayor world crisis.
By the way, thanks for non stop entertainment ower the years.

bitingmidge said...

We never have bow thruster problems Bjoern, we don't have one! :-). One thing we are always amazed about is how clean the waterways are (mostly) and they could be a big dumping ground for so many things. It's great to see that something like this minor spill is taken so seriously, although the source of it remains a mystery.

@Vallypee, happily, no it wasn't us! In fact the environment guy was fascinated with how clean and spill free our dear old Mr.Perkins was!


Vallypee said...

I could say the same about our old Mr Hanomag, but I wouldn't dare. He is belching out disgusting black smoke at the moment...a very environmentally unfriendly sight, rather sadly. And I was teasing of course.

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