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Friday, October 26, 2018

For Exercise.
Tuesday 23rd October - Atlantic Ocean

Anyone who has been to sea will know that prior to emergency drills the sounding of an alarm is preceded with the formal announcement: “FOR EXERCISE.  FOR EXERCISE.  FOR EXERCISE”.  When the weather eventually cleared this morning, while some hardy souls took to the decks dressed in what looked to us like snow survival gear for exercise of the other kind, we were content to take ours by moving between theatres, and were quite looking forward to arriving early this evening to see the National Orchestra performing it’s own “Last Night of the Proms”.

We almost didn’t make it though when one of those last minute “have you seen my keycard” situations occurred.  Amid rising levels of angst, our stateroom was turned over systematically, with no sign of the errant card.  Thankfully, midway through the second search which was of sufficient intensity that it would have made a crime scene  investigation team proud, one of us discovered it in his shirt pocket.

Sensing the first puffs of steam from his spouse’s ears were a forewarning of a perhaps not undeserved castigation, he held it aloft and announced to all within earshot:  “FOR EXERCISE.  FOR EXERCISE.  FOR EXERCISE”.

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