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Friday, October 26, 2018

Getting Away With It
Friday 19th October - Atlantic Ocean

After a quick count of the lifeboats on board last evening, although these days they are called “survival capsules” or something much more in keeping with our times, we barely had time to glimpse the cruising sunset before it was time to dress for dinner.  

The reality of “dressing for dinner” then was that it merely involved a bit of a tidy-up, but it was good practice for this evening’s “Gala” event, one of those occasions over which we’d wasted so much nervous energy over the past week or so in the effort to ensure we were more or less appropriately dressed.

We seem to have carried it off with out a hitch, confirmed by the whispered gasps in my ear from a lady I’d just met.  With nods to a bow tie on the opposite side of the table  “he wears a ready made” she exclaimed, followed by “my Gerald always ties his own”.  Apparently she was completely unaware that the person she was addressing was also wearing one of those ghastly “ready mades”.  It must have been the slightly unkempt or as we prefer to call it “hand-tied” look of the two pound Primart special that had her fooled.

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MoHoMoments said...

It seems a little strange that you go cruising to relax and have to dress formal. Having said that I lament the current dress standards on airlines.

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