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Friday, October 26, 2018

Well That Didn’t Take Long.
Wednesday 24th October - Atlantic Ocean

When the sun rose this morning, we were far too close to our destination for our liking, in fact it was just beyond that dark blue line over there. Then the sun no doubt sensing our apprehension, after a brief appearance, retreated to wherever it had been all week, the wind returned to it’s customary force seven, the sea returned to being “rough”, and we went to breakfast.

This feels as though it's been the quickest week of our lives, and while doubtless the fact that there have only been five days instead of the usual seven to this point has contributed to that, it’s in no small way due also to the relentless pace of doing nothing while living in a cake shop located on the dress circle of a concert hall.  

There’s a certain numbness about today as we go about our business.  Tonight, many of us will have our baggage whisked away to expedite our disembarkation in the morning, and the reality that we do not have another week to see everything in a sensible manner has left us a little bemused really.  We’re all trying to be a bit grown up about it, or at least those who are leaving tomorrow are.  We have a very strong suspicion that the other half of the passenger list, the ones who are turning around and going back the other way are feeling quite differently.

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