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Friday, October 26, 2018

Sunday 21st October - Atlantic Ocean

Photography is not allowed during any performance, which is quite sad for those of us who indulge in that particular pastime, but it is a commendable experience watching a performance without the glare of a thousand telephone screens staring back.

We thought we might have had a fair crack at sitting wherever we wanted in the Planetarium today, since the screening was to be accompanied by a soundtrack of the music of Pink Floyd played live.  After all we couldn’t help but notice that the ship is full of what once we might have described as “older folk”, who surely would not appreciate that sort of thing.

It was therefore a great shock to arrive at the back of the queue for the (free) tickets, to discover about four hundred and forty people in front of us eager to take one of the four hundred and fifty seats.   We could have been excused for thinking that some had camped out overnight to be sure of obtaining tickets but in reality they’d probably just skipped breakfast, a nonetheless noteworthy sacrifice.

A far greater shock came while standing in that very same queue and discovered that those “older folk”, through some sort of distortion in the ship’s mirrored wall, all appeared to be of a similar age to ourselves. 


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