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Thursday, October 11, 2018

Well everyone has to eat.
Sunday 7th October - Diksmuide

The motorhomes moved quietly away some time in the morning, so late that it was actually the afternoon, like lizards looking for a new sunny spot. 

We tried to focus on the task in hand, with the tune of another deadline dancing by playing in the background.  Consoled by the thought that we had until three tomorrow afternoon to get all done, we knocked off early so we could go out to dinner with Dave and Ria and a few of their Flemish boatie friends.

In our life, two weeks seems like a year but it had only been two weeks since we stayed beside the (closed) restaurant at Stavele.   This time we successfully gained entry to be greeted by the owner, Iris, something of a national celebrity who blamed the closure on her one week holiday in London where she took the time, she said, to learn to speak English.  “Eclectic” is not a big enough word to describe the interior of her restaurant, nor is there a word that’s big enough to encompass her.  It is suffice to say that Belgium is not in fear of invasion while they have a force the size of Iris to repel it.   

We were in bed before midnight, just! (sigh), if we somehow we can an uninterrupted run at packing up tomorrow we’ll be OK.

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