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Friday, October 05, 2018

Ready for Next Year.
Tuesday 2nd October - Nieuwport

By mid afternoon, having rid the bilge of it’s navel lint and having made sufficient lists of things to do to keep us procrastinating for at least another year, it was time to once again poke our noses into the great outdoors.

By then the wind had settled to something less than a roar, and the sky to a lighter shade of pale.  We discovered that the town was also putting the finishing touches to it’s preparations for the coming bleak, stripping off summer’s tinsel, like us no doubt making lists for the coming year.    

Just two days ago there were gardens and floral mermaids and fish and a lighthouse with people strolling while licking ice-creams almost as an act of defiance against the coming season.   But two days ago was September.  Now the gardens are as bare as the streets are devoid of people, waiting once again for warmer times.  

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Don said...

Recommended for the near Moody Blues reference.


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