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Sunday, October 28, 2018

The day we didn't see dinosaurs.
Saturday 27th October - New York

This morning at ten, the queue at the bagel shop was longer than yesterday, and it was colder and wetter and we didn’t feel like queuing for hours in the cold and wet, or walking in it either, so we took the subway to a place that wasn’t too far from the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum.

Then we walked in the cold and the rain until half a city blog from the Museum we found an even longer queue, which despite our contrary feelings, we joined.  There we stood not quite motionless for more than an hour, just inching forward all the while, at the sort of rate that makes one wonder if anyone is actually being admitted or if the queue is just compressing,   Like the bagels yesterday, it was well and truly worth the wait though.  So buoyed by our success, with heart rates racing at the spectacle of it all, we strode off across Central Park ready to tick the Museum of Natural History off our list.

Through gales and icy rain we marched, on streets paved with the gold of summer’s leaves now spent, until we found our new super-queue.   This one reached the end of an entire city block, then turned the corner and went for half a block more.   Undaunted, we joined it too and had gained five or six metres towards our destination after half an hour.  A quick calculation told us we’d be at the doors by next Tuesday, almost at the same time we would be ready to eat again after yesterday’s extravaganza.  Reluctantly we abandoned all hope of seeing dinosaurs and wandered aimlessly and gloriously until bedtime, simply breathing the city.


Annie said...

great to follow your travels.
enjoy NYC!
already sounds terrific!

bitingmidge said...

Thanks, it's nice to hear from you too Annie!

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