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Friday, June 14, 2019

A rip in the fabric of the universe.
Wednesday 12th June - Amiens to Ailly-sur-Somme

There’s a disconcerting thread lying beneath the story of our travels so far this year.  

For reasons that are completely unclear we always seem to be in a place where a bakery is not.   This situation that goes far far beyond the usual “well of course we are closed today”, they are either completely closed or in the case of most of the villages we have scoured, in hiding.  What makes it even more disturbing is that we are going to be returning along the same famine-strewn path.

Amiens is not a small place and it was with some determination that we set out to find some proper sustenance to see us through a long day of travel even if that mean delaying our departure.  Determination breeds success it would seem and while we did resist the temptation to gorge, a simple “Paris-Brest” for him, and some kind of custard on a bit of cardboard for her, reinforced our energy levels with an adequate sufficiency.  We were so well fortified that our nine and a half kilometre voyage for the day seemed like nothing.

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