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Wednesday, June 05, 2019

Making our own fun.
Thursday 30th May - Douai

Ascension Day is one of those surprise holidays for those of us from another land and culture.   We sort of knew it was going to happen but it didn’t really sink in that it’s an actual proper holiday until we were out of bed and had stuck our head out for a bit.  Even then, in the middle of the morning, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.    

The silence was almost deafening.  Despite repeatedly checking our calendars to reassure ourselves that wasn’t Sunday, we decided we’d better get into the spirit of things and take the day off as well.  As responsible travellers we do try to respect local customs as best we can.

Well after lunchtime, with the added warmth provided by the merest trickle of sunlight finally filtering through the dense cloud cover, it seemed as though the world had started waking from its slumber, so we thought there’d be no harm in discovering a little more of our surroundings.   In the mood for undertaking a little riparian discovery game we set out along the river for a bit of an amble,  There we saw a couple of ducks (1 point for each), some fish (2 points) and a turtle (10 points), and we stumbled across a Kiwi (bonus - game over), who kindly invited us onto his boat for coffee, (Thanks Craig).


Ian said...

Only a coffee? - Craig must have been recovering.

bitingmidge said...

Truth is Ian.... Craig forgot to put water in the percolator, burnt the coffee and melted the handle... so there wasn't actually any coffee at all! Good times! 🤣🤣

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