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Sunday, June 23, 2019

Saturday 15th June - Long

Inspired by what we think is perhaps the smallest boat we have ever seen manned by a large person and his dog, and perhaps the shortest voyage we have ever seen as well: approximately one metre from the place their boat is kept to the fishing grounds we thought we’d stay on for another day, or perhaps two.

We could quite rightly be accused of being confused about our plan, but with just two days of travel left till we reach our notional half-way point, and with the sun shining brightly we figured that a bit more time out from relentless journeying would do us no harm at all. 

With bright sunshine in abundance we couldn’t have ordered a better day to wet a line, so in no time flat we had the line out and a couple of loads of washing and even some sheets hanging over it, while we sat in the shade quietly watching it all dry.

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