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Sunday, June 09, 2019

During wind and rain.
Friday 6th June - Corbie

We knew the weather forecast meant “best not go outside today”, but we didn’t quite understand the nuances in the way it was written so we asked that great translation oracle in the sky to expand if it would, and we are so glad we did:

“In the morning for the weather in Corbie, the sun will try rare appearances under a sky yet overcast. In the afternoon the cloudy sky may generate some rain. The wind speed should oscillate around thirty-eight km/h.”

It’s possible that we’ve never seen a more accurate, nor more beautifully written weather forecast, although while the sun may well have been trying rare appearances it was not until late afternoon that it actually managed to squeeze out the merest hint of a rainbow, and certainly as the cloudy sky had been generating some rain pretty much all day, it behove us to stay aboard, except for one tiny excursion when one of us managed to tip toe in attempt to keep his slippers dry, over to the power box to put a coin in the machine.

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