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Monday, June 10, 2019

Scattered Sunshine.
Saturday 7th June - Corbie

 On the one hand, the prospect of perhaps having a big enough window of sunshine to get to the shops and back was a tempting one.  On the other, if we weren’t quick enough there was a fair chance that we’d arrive back at the boat looking as though we’d swum across the river dragging our groceries, or worse, we’d be blown far, far away perhaps never to find our way back at all in the gloom.

This time there was no romance in the forecast as a great storm lashed the coast further south, fishing boats and even parts of buildings were swept away.  Even on our own short leash the buffeting was sufficient to make life aboard tea-spilling jerky from time to time.

We did set out for a bit of a forage, barely making it back into the building gale as the first signs of precipitation were upon us, thinking perhaps we should make up a new plan that did not involve a visit to the outdoor folk festival after lunch.


Pen Davis said...

And all this without us on board!! I'm visualising you both snuggling down, reading, sewing, knitting or playing cards/dice, all the positives of miserable weather.

Vallypee said...

Goodness, I never knew it was that bad!

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