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Wednesday, June 05, 2019

Our last day in the sun?
Friday 31st May -Douai

Summer is heading our way very much in the same manner that Mr Perkins bursts into life on a cold morning.   

It too seems to cough and splutter and belch out a bit of fog as though someone has been trying to start it for just a bit too long, and then it chugs along for a bit not knowing if its going to run for the rest of the day or not, a bit of sunshine here, a bit of chilly cloud and wind there, as though trying to make its mind up whether it just wants to call the whole thing off or not.  

By morning tea, had we been out of bed in time, we’d have noted that the temperature had begun to race towards the twenties.  It was doing so with such alacrity that by almost lunch time as we were walking towards the centre of the town, we had to shed our outer layer an by the time we were on our way home we found ourselves seeking out the shady side of the street for the first time this year.

We had better see if we can find our short pants, just in case summer has begun.

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