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Friday, June 07, 2019

There’s room in our lock for two.
Monday 3rd June -Douai to Marquion

A deafening silence descended just before lunch time as we left Penny and Bob at the station.  As we finished our goodbye hugs, they asked if we would move on today, and at that point we really had no answer.

As we walked almost aimlessly back to the boat into the echoes of the past two days, we decided we would not, which is why three hours later, we did.

Progress was steady bordering on rapid for the first few hours, as we travelled in company with a “baby” ninety metre ship with a bare five metre width in the ten metre wide locks, but as the evening began to close in we arrived at the first of the narrower gauge locks, and could no longer share.  Even though pleasure boats quite rightly have an obligation to give way to commercial craft, perhaps not all do, judging by the heartfelt thanks we received from both skippers and lock keeper each time we moved to the back of the queue as a new monster arrived.   Almost two hours later and not long before our bedtime, the lock was ours, and we wasted no time in snugging down for the night, ready to start again first thing in the morning (the real first thing, not Joyeux time!).

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