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Friday, September 16, 2022

An interlude with a small boy
Friday 9th September - Diksmuide to Utrecht

When we contacted Louie’s Mum and Dad to see if they’d be around for a bit of a catch-up, we probably should have expected that we wouldn’t get away with an hour over a cup of coffee, after all it had been an astonishing FIVE YEARS since we took our little road trip to Keukenhof together, and more than little bit of water has passed beneath both of our bridges since then.  We leapt at their invitation to stay, and moved in!

It’s quite amazing how much a small boy can grow in that time.  When last we saw him he could open his eyes in time to feed, and squirm a bit occasionally if he was awake, but was pretty much not good for anything but a bit of a cuddle, which was quite nice it must be said.  Now though, he can run, and kick a ball, and ride a bike and speak two languages. His cheery welcoming smile was enough to make even the horrors of the drive from Brussels via the Antwerp Ring Road/Carpark on a Friday afternoon magically disappear.   

Unlike their son, Vanessa and Marty haven’t changed a bit. Although were never going to touch on every topic that needed updating in one night, nor in one late night and one very early morning for that matter, but when we did make it to bed eventually, it was in the knowledge that we had had a pretty good try, 


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