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Friday, September 09, 2022

Monday 5th September - Diksmuide

With four coats of varnish happily curing on the bench tops, we were both a bit pleased with how remarkably improved they were, but our poor old sink was looking even worse for wear than might be expected from only forty years of service.

Stupidly, one of us, hands still cramping from the bench scraping of a just two days ago, decided to “do” a little test piece with some metal polish.   The difference was so surprising that he did a bigger test piece, and then enlarged it and so on until after just a few hours of rubbing and buffing the gnarly old sink looked like a very scratched version of a glistening brand new one.

The transformation was so successful that despite aching fingers and shoulders he tried the same technique on the aluminium frames in the floor hatches, then the stainless steel knife sharpener, then the kettle and he probably would have found other things too had daylight not been quietly fading away.

The instructions say we have to wait at least 24 hours for the varnish to properly cure, so we have another day to wait until we have to make a decision as to whether we ever want to use the galley again or whether we should just keep it for show.


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